Your Offshore Savings Plan

The simple way to get a personally optimised offshore savings plan.

Produce your own optimised personal offshore savings and investment analysis and report to discover which investment solutions best meet your needs.

Each design is tailored to meet your exact personal requirements. We use the latest investment market research to compare the products of the leading offshore institutions, saving you time, effort and money in finding the best performing offshore savings, pension and investment products.

Whatever savings vehicle you require, the best leading bank rates, offshore lump sum or tax free regular savings we guarantee that you'll receive a highly optimised offshore solution, personalised to meet all of your financial goals.

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Offshore Savings Designer is totally independent and not owned by any bank or financial institution. We work solely on your behalf to ensure you always receive savings and investment design solutions constructed and tailored towards your exact personal financial goals. We have in-house fund and investment researchers, ensuring you get the very best financial design solutions to match your risk profile and fiscal objectives. Offshore Savings Designer work to the highest ethical standards and to a strict code of practice.