About Us

At Offshore Savings Designer we understand that it is never a case of one product fitting all when it comes to financial solutions – we also believe that no one should have to sell their soul to get the information they need to make the right savings and investment decisions for their financial health.

Offshore Savings Designer is totally independent and not owned by any bank or financial institution. Nor do we advise clients directly, we are an information site based on journalistic views and publish savings rates available in the public domain. After speaking with you, we will ask one of our approved panel of qualified advisory companies to provide you with savings design solutions that are constructed and tailored towards your personal financial goals.

Our service is UNIQUE and it is 100% FREE of charge – what’s more, you are under NO OBLIGATION whatsoever to act on any of the suggestions that we identify as offering you better potential returns.

So, if you want to: –

  • Maximise your offshore and expatriate advantage
  • Find out which institutions are offering more
  • Marry your requirements and risk profile with appropriate solutions
  • Optimise your savings approach for tax efficiency
  • Invest in better performing solutions
  • Make strategic changes to your investment strategy or portfolio that could increase your savings income
  • Have your own individual and personalised report showing you all this and much more…

Complete the simple offshore savings design form on the right hand side and we will supply you with your highly optimised, personal report, designed to show you how to make the very most of your financial position.