Case Studies

First Case Study

Early Retirement Abroad

British expatriates Wendy and John B (both 58): This couple recently took early retirement, moving abroad to live in a previously purchased villa in Cyprus. In terms of assets, their combined UK pensions generated them just over GBP 10,000 a year, and the equity released from the sale of their house in England provided them with a lump sum of GBP 300,000. The couple wanted to invest this money and draw some income from it to supplement their pension – they also wanted to protect it to provide their children with an inheritance in the future.

Offshore Savings Designer highlighted a tax efficient, high interest path for the couple. It included the establishment of a tailor-made holding vehicle to provide them with access to institutional interest rates 20% above what they had been previously receiving. The solution was exempt from the EU Savings Tax Directive and it was flexible, allowing them to take a regular monthly income and to make occasional ad hoc withdrawals. The vehicle was structured in such a way that it could be inheritance tax exempt – and Wendy and John B immediately acted on the information provided.

Second Case Study

Saving for the Long-Term

British expatriate Michael L (45): This senior European director of a multinational had limited provision for retirement and was seeking a regular savings solution for income provision in retirement in a maximum of 20 years time.

Offshore Investment Designer highlighted a flexible monthly savings vehicle with a respected major financial institution. It allowed Michael’s company to make the monthly savings contributions on his behalf, and it was fully portable giving Michael the freedom to move country or company as he so desired. Due to the volume of business introduced by Offshore Investment Designer to this financial institution, when Michael decided to go ahead with the solution we were able to negotiate him an excellent monthly bonus allocation which should ultimately allow him to retire in less than 20 years.

Third Case Study

Saving for School Fees

Expatriate teachers living in Qatar, Sarah and James W (31 & 32): This international couple had 2 children under 3-years of age, and because of the nature of their jobs they wanted to be in a position to privately educate their children and eventually send them to a quality university.

Offshore Savings Designer highlighted a highly flexible savings vehicle that allowed the couple to save on a monthly basis, and which provided them with access to the world’s leading fund managers. The solution’s flexibility allowed them to increase or decrease the amount saved each month to suit their circumstances.

Forth Case Study

An Experienced Investor

Australian expatriate living in Argentina, Mark S (57): This gentleman was already an experienced investor with over 3 million US dollars invested. Having been investing for years and as a new expatriate, Mark now wanted access to a wider range of funds from the international marketplace than those he had been limited to investing in for the last 20 years. Mark also wanted the flexibility and freedom to be able to restructure his investment portfolio quickly and cost effectively when necessary.

Offshore Investment Designer highlighted an ideal portfolio bond to suit this gentleman’s exact requirements. It would enable him to consolidate his existing investments into one easily manageable entity, allow him full access to the world’s leading fund managers and provide him with much lower trading costs than would normally be associated if investing directly through the fund managers in question. A free quarterly review showing recommended holdings and new funds was included, and Mark would also have access to the majority of his portfolio with an offshore debit card and even a cheque book issued by Lloyds TSB. Mark immediately subscribed and has since advised that he particularly finds the fund regular review service invaluable as he may have a good idea about which sectors and markets to invest in but he wants assistance in deciding on the best fund managers and in comparing any fees. Mark also has online access to valuations so that he can keep track of performance wherever he is in the world.

Fifth Case Study

Releasing a UK Pension

British expatriate resident in Thailand, Caitlin F (48): This lady was working on a fixed-term contract in Thailand and intended to work in the Middle East within the next 5 years. She had a British pension valued at GBP 280,000 that she could not access before the age of 55 at the earliest, she also had no intention of ever returning to the UK, she wanted to make use of this retirement fund sooner rather than later and wanted to know what options were available and suitable.

Offshore Savings Designer highlighted QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) for Caitlin to consider. These HMRC approved schemes would allow her to transfer her British pension to a compliant vehicle outside the UK, to reinvest the money into better performing assets and cash deposits, and over time to release her pension fund without the deduction of any British tax. As Caitlin would have no obligation to ever buy an annuity with her QROPS, she immediately decided to move her money. The QROPS chosen is structured in the most tax efficient way and it even allows for Caitlin to be able to pass on any remaining funds to her family in the future.

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