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The Objective of Offshore Savings Designer

Offshore Savings Designer combines advanced analysis technology with the expertise of offshore financial professionals to ensure you receive a completely personalised, highly optimised savings and investment plan, uniquely tailored to meet your exact financial requirements and goals.

The Source of the Savings and Investment Data

Offshore Savings Designer’s analysis technology accesses, collates and evaluates interest rate and fund data from over 40,000 major offshore banks and financial institutions.

Your Offshore Savings and Investment Design is Unique

Technology has its limits as well as its obvious uses – therefore to ensure you receive appropriately targeted tax efficient offshore savings and investment information that’s uniquely tailored to meet your individual requirements, when you submit your design request form it is independently evaluated by one of our team. They ensure the information entered in our database is accurate, they make sure the results of the analysis are 100% suitable for you, and they also check to see whether you have any specific questions or requirements that one of our offshore investment specialists should call to clarify before processing your free design.

You Will Receive…

Your Own Personalised High Interest, Tax-Free Offshore Savings & Investment Plan

Following submission of your design request form, you will receive a highly optimised and personalised offshore investment and savings plan, designed to make you wealthier! You can use the invaluable information to optimise your current savings and investment portfolio: all information provided is free from cost or obligation. If a particular high interest savings product or tax-free investment solution highlighted in your plan is attractive to you, we can assist you with opening an appropriate account. Because of the significant volumes of business that Offshore Savings Designer attracts, we often receive and pass on significant discounts and reduced administrative fees on accounts – this can further increase your return on investment value.

Securing Your Financial Future

Always Up-To-Date, Always Optimised!

In due course your current investment and savings goals may alter; what’s more, the offshore financial landscape also changes over time. A significant advantage of Offshore Savings Designer is that you can request as many new designs as often as you want or need. If your position alters or if the fiscal marketplace changes, you can feel confident in the knowledge that your investments and savings will always be optimised most efficiently and appropriately to meet short-term savings goals or long-term investment plans.